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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Women's Health Urinee Tract Infection, Know Its 5 Essential Things

According to experts, there is certainly no chance of urinary tract infection in U-woman life. UTIs are more susceptible to women than men. In many cases, it has also been seen that women become victims of UTI more than once. However, UTI is one time or repeatedly You just need to know the essential things related to it. Know not only the symptoms but also treat them properly. Take a look at the essentials related to UTI.

Reasons for UTI

The real reason for having UTI is that women are not clear. According to an article printed in WebMD, women should clean their genitals regularly after urination. Actually, the risk of spreading the external infection is also the highest in addition to being a very sensitive body part of the genitals. If the urethra i.e. the tube from which the urine passes, if it is not cleaned properly then the infection can reach bladder from there, which is responsible for the UTI.

Symptoms of UTI

To get rid of UTI, women should understand their symptoms better and keep a complete knowledge about it. The first signs of UTI occurring include burning sensation in the genitals. Apart from this, urine is frequent, whereas the amount of urine decreases every time.There is a pain in lower abdomen or feeling any pressure. Not only this, the woman always feels tired when UTI, and in many situations, when the infection reaches a bad condition, the woman gets a fever. Actually, having a fever when UTI means that the infection has reached the kidney.

UTI-related test

If you have any of the above-mentioned symptoms, contact the doctor immediately. Experts speak UTI Test, under which they ask for your urine sample.

UTI treatment

However, under the treatment of UTI, you should only take medication after contacting the specialists. For this, the doctors give some antibiotic drugs that are effective in UTI. In many cases, they give low dose antibiotics, which last for a long time.Such medicines are given when the female special is repeatedly UTI. However, the woman suffering from this should also take medicines according to the regular doctor and drink more water. Actually drinking water increases the likelihood of getting out of bacteria. One thing and always keep in mind that after the piss, clean your genitals.

Not only this, cleanliness is very important even after sex, as in many cases there is an increase in the fear of UTI even after sex. Also, keep in mind that keep your genitalia dry forever. In fact, due to wetting, the possibility of getting bacteria also increases. Also, keep your bathroom clean, use a good product for cleaning the genitals. If you want, you can also consult the doctor in this regard.

UTI in pregnancy

According to the March of Dimes, there is an increase in the risk of UTI in 10 percent of women in pregnancy. Although experts say that as soon as the UTI is detected, it is possible to treat it as easily as possible.Especially in the first trimester, the patient can easily get rid of UTI. According to Dana Gosset, MD of Chicago State-Northwestern Memorial Hospital, "If a pregnant woman does not know the symptoms of UTI during the time, the situation can be worse than that, ie the infection can spread to the kidneys, which can take place in mother and womb. The baby is dangerous for both.

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