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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

10 Hair Trends You Must Try Out this Year 2018

So what are your hair plans for the year 2018? Will this be the year you finally get bangs? Are you smitten by Cara Delevingne’s new look? Do you want the latest hairstyle sported by Kareena Kapoor? Or you wish to invest in a more powerful straightener?

This confusion about sporting a chic and hottest trend this year may be overwhelming. Don’t worry. Here’s a guide from the leading fashion stylists and gurus to help you know the latest hair trends for the year 2018:

1. The Rose Gold Hair
This beautiful hair trend has been taking over Instagram since the starting of this year. Rose gold is a very beautiful ethereal hue of pink-tinted blonde. The color is already being sported by famous celebs such as Emma Roberts. It is a very radiant and fresh color that lights up your entire look. So if you don’t want to wear makeup, let this hair color does the wonders for you.

2. The Curly Shag
Get ready for a Flash Dance. In the 2018, it has got chicer and more refined! Many celebs and models are flaunting this look including Alanna Arrington and Alison Brie. They are rocking the ‘80s shags. So don’t fear and try this trend.

3. Eclipting
This is the latest hair color innovation by Aveda. Inspired by the contouring fad of the year 2016, the trend involves coloring the entire head with a darker base. Thereafter, strategic highlights are placed in specific sections. Eclipting accentuates the overall shape of hair while simultaneously contouring the face.

4. Sleek and Chic
Pull out the flat iron out of your drawer. Yes, the bone straight hair is going to rock and roll for the entire 2018. Don’t forget to manage fly away for a laid and poker pin straight look.

5. Ash Brown
This is definitely an amazing option if you wish to try. Cooler skin toned beauties with pink undertones are the best candidates for this trend. The color comprises of bits of blue and gray that impart the base color its ashen, almost gray base.

6. Ribbons
Did you see this trend setting already at the Tory Burch runaways? Bows and ribbons are no more a thing for younger girls. Fashion experts want you to experiment with some of the cooler textiles such as velvet and leather. Add these beautiful accessories to your ponytail and transform it to a red carpet ready look.

7. Balayage and Babylights
The two latest killer highlighting trends have been blended together — balayage and babylights to impart a brighter, beautiful dimension. The root look is maintained so that one can wear it longer without having to get it touched up very regularly.

8. The Classic Blowout
It is time to grab some hot rollers. You can spot those omnipresent beach waves everywhere. Get a classy blowout which is bouncy and looks fresher than ever now.

9. Super-Subtle Ombré
Ombré look is in! This almost dip-dyed look has been recently sported by Sofia Vergara. Since then, it is a rage among fashionistas and also recorded by women's magazine India and abroad. Vergara’s hair length and ends are colored a pinch lighter than her crown. This transition is rightly seamless.

10. Bangs
Yes, go for it! Year 2018 is all about getting cute yet fashionable bangs. The Bardot bangs are especially going to be a huge hit this season. It is center-parted fringe which is super chic, laid back and brilliantly flattering on most face shapes. These types of bangs are also referred to as curtain bangs. The trend is about parting your fringe and allowing your forehead peak through.

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