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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

30 days prior to the wedding of the bride

Another word for brides is a beauty. At the wedding ceremony, people grow up to see the bride because she looks beautiful on that day. On the wedding day usually the groom and the bride are quite busy and worried, because of this they ignore the part of the grooming. It is very necessary to prepare yourself for a month before marriage.

Stress is a very important factor, which can affect your face. Even if you make a great make-up on your wedding day, the stress of your face is enough to destroy your beauty. So get stress on that day. There are some prescription tips to overcome stress.

24th and 30th day by day (Day 30 Th -  24 Th )
It is a week to prepare for the weekend and to complete it correctly. This is the week when you realize that there is less than a month left in marriage and at that time you will be the center of discussion. This week is to try a variety of beauty treatments like so that you become beautiful from inside and a special glow on your face.

Tips for brides, tips for healthy and youthful tips
Drinking water is very important, which most people ignore. If you do not get enough water then your skin will become dry and unattractive. Drink at least 8 glasses of water for the body to complete water shortage during the day.
Fast food
If you want to look beautiful inside on the wedding day, then remove food from your food and other unhealthy foods.

Healthy Meals
To keep the skin healthy, eat less oil well. Eat more green vegetables than you do not have the problem of digestion. If there is no proper excretion, then the skin gets dark spots and stains.
If you go somewhere, take a few days off and relax. This is a simple recipe to stay beautiful before marriage.

Good sleep is essential to stay relaxed and healthy. Measures to bring brightness to the face, sleep at least 6 hours a day to look beautiful. With good sleep, swelling and dark circles will be less near your eyes and you will look beautiful.

Body care how - 17th to 23rd day (Day 23 Rd -l7 Th)
Go to the dermatologist (Visit dermatologist)
In the third week of marriage, check the necessary parts of your body such as hair, skin etc. Go to a good dermatologist and get information about any problem with your skin.

Beauty parlors and spas use Dulhan makeup tips
Get beauty tips from a beauty specialist. Many women suffer from the problem of dark circles, skin rigidity and torn ankles. You start your treatment with the advice of a beauty specialist.
Manicure and pedicure
People will see you from head to toe at the time of your wedding. So you should look beautiful from every direction. If there is a mess in your nails, then this is the time to remove it. Go to a beauty parlor and have your own manicure and pedicure. Apart from cleaning the nails, it is also very important to give them a new shape.

Weight loss
Women who complain of weight gain, they start decreasing weight from this time. Get a list of the right foods to meet with a dietician so that you can easily reduce your weight by 3 to 5 kg.

Planning for ceremony look
How to care for the face, in the third week, decide which clothes and jewelry you will wear on the wedding day. If you want to wear made apparel, then keep your desire in your pocket for this, so that there will be no mistake in her haste.
Waxing Se Broken Tips
Focus on your hands and feet with your face. If you have hair on your hands and legs, try to remove them. Some people use hair remover, but the hair is not far away for long. Waxing is a bit painful, but it will give you the results you want. Remove the body's unwanted hair using waxing.

16th to 10th day (Day 16th - 10th)
Skin Care
You should take care of your skin and especially your face. Meet your beautician every day or call him at home to have him facialized every day, which will make your skin feel piquant and attractive until the wedding day. Provide new energies to the body by performing body spa and ayurvedic massage with facials.

Home remedies
Follow some home remedies to look beautiful even after having facials from professional prescriptions. Some natural products present at home contribute significantly to making your skin shiny and ripe. Use daily skin-cleansing prescriptions, which cause the skin to glow. For example, apply cucumber juice on your face one day and use raw milk on the face the next day. There are also some face packs of gram flour and curd, which will give your skin a clean, spicy look. Potato pulp also proves to be very beneficial when used on the face. This is a great recipe for filling your skin color.

Hair Styling
On the wedding day, the appearance of your hair should look quite attractive compared to all the guests and other people. So, before the wedding day approaches, set your hairstyle for that day. You can do a little research and even look at the internet, you can also like your hairstyle. Adopt a different style every day and see which style is the most popular on you. You can use the style of Juda making, top style, etc. for marriage.

Sun protection
As the wedding day approaches, you have to take great care of your skin. In such a case, it will be better not to go through the sunlight during the day, because the sun's excessive contact can cause great harm to your skin. Instead, try to stay in the house all day and leave the house only after sunset. If it is very important to get it out of sunlight then apply such sunscreen lotion, which has a very high amount of SPF. You need to change the face of your skin without spoiling the appearance of your skin.

Milk bath (milk bath)
You can also make your skin soft and soft by bathing with milk. Fill raw milk in one vessel and go to the bathroom. As soon as your bath is finished, gradually use raw milk in every part of your body. Try to massage your body for 10 minutes like this. Now wash this milk with water and get out of the bathroom. This will make your skin soft and white
9th to the second day (Day 9th-2nd)
Stop going out
Because now you have only one week left to get married, so leave it out completely. If you work in an office, take a holiday a week before your wedding day, so that you can decorate well. If you want to meet someone, instead of meeting them, ask them to meet you, because going out will affect your color. By stopping to exit, you can save yourself from any kind of accident.

Hair Remedies
Because after a year of marriage, you can not shorten or trim your hair, so this is the right opportunity for you. At this time, shorten your hair before marriage to surprise your husband. But do not make the hair too small, because doing so, you will not be able to use any kind of hair on the wedding day. Keep the length of your hair medium, so that you can bind them and keep them open.

Remove the dead cells from the skin
You will receive all the products to remove dead skin cells, which are made for different skin types. If your skin is rougher and rigid then use rigid exfoliate, but if your skin is gentle, then use a gentle exfoliate. Use exfoliate once daily so that dead cells of the skin get out and you get the young and beautiful skin.

Keep the brain calm and Mental calm and short naps
As you get closer to your wedding day, your worries increase as well. Curiosity is very much about marriage, but there is always a fear from inside. So try to keep your mind calm by meditation. Also keep taking the flaps regularly, so that your brain can get adequate comfort.
Bridal makeup, check your wedding dress (Review your wedding attire)
Because you have selected very special for your wedding day and its wearing ornaments, so check back all these things a week before this day and see if everything is okay or not. This will not require you to be worried at the last minute.
Remind the beauty expert (Reminder for beautician)
Because a professional person will come to save you, decorate and provide a beautiful look on your wedding day, so contact them a week before the wedding, so that they can remember the day and the day of marriage. There should not be any disturbance at the last time. If you have any suggestions about marriage, then give the knowledge to that beautician, so that he can prepare for it accordingly.

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