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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Special Things About The Art Of Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading has been a popular technique in many beauty salons. In reality, this method looks difficult but it is easy for you to do eyebrow threading. The removal of the eyebrows that do not fit well on your face will not cause you any burning pains. With just a delicate thread, salon staff will help you to have the desirable eyebrows. Although eyebrow threading is not a new technique, it produces the dramatic effect.

Some features of eyebrow threading

Threading is a method of trimming eyebrow that has its origin in India. Using threads twisted into each other for plucking your eyebrows will bring you sharp and clean eyebrows. Eyebrow threading helps to remove small, redundant and ugly eyebrows growing in the places that cannot be plucked by hand and hair wax. This technique helps to create the graceful and clean eyebrow, and the sides of the eyebrows are clearly shaped according to the eye models.
The area around the eyes is quite sensitive. The hair wax may consist of several chemical components such as moisturizer that may have some negative effects on the skin. As a matter of fact, when you apply the waxing technique, the skin around the eyes is stretched; consequently, a specific area of skin is injured. This promotes the forming of wrinkles around the eyes, which ages the skin prematurely.
Meanwhile, eyebrow threading makes the area around the eyes less reddened and smoother. Therefore, it can be said eyebrow threading is a great option for those who own the sensitive skin that is easily irritated by depilatory or hair wax.

Steps of eyebrow threading

Step 1:
Before plucking your eyebrows with a thread, you draw on your brows to make a particular shape so that your eyebrows suit your face and preferences. A suggestion for you is that curved eyebrows fit a square face, bow-shaped eyebrows match a round face while horizontal eyebrows are the perfect choice for a long face.
Step 2:
After properly shaping the eyebrows, you cross the two threads to form the shape of number 8. For the next step, you twine the middle knot many times to make the thread stronger before beginning to shaving the eyebrows.
Step 3:
You start to slip your fingers into two heads of the thread in the shape of number 8. Then you push the skin to trim the eyebrows before using the thread knot to strongly press on the skin. You are advised to repeat several times so that your eyebrows will fall gradually.

Some notes for eyebrow threading

What you should do:
       At first, you need to trim the eyebrows on the margin, then continue to take care of the eyebrow area that was outlined before.
       It is necessary to have a professional eyebrow shaver to trim your eyebrows. You are advised to give some related questions to your experienced worker or technician. 
       This method may cause some pain in the beginning if you are not really familiar with it. But several hours later, the pain will reduce significantly.
       You do not forget to use a pair of scissors to trim long eyebrows that you can not shave with the thread.
       It is the best to maintain the habit of trimming your eyebrows once two weeks to keep the marked shape.
What you should not do:
       You do not keep the distance or silence with the eyebrow shaver. The communication and information exchange with your cosmetologist will give you a bigger chance to possess the expected eyebrow model. You should describe the specific shape and get the advice from them. In particular, there are some types of eyebrows: low, medium, high, curvy and sharp eyebrows.
       It is recommended that you do not apply any products on your eyebrows right after doing eyebrow threading. After that, you also leave the eyebrows at least two hours before using moisturizer, cleanser or making up. This is aimed at preventing the bacteria from infecting your pores.
       While eyebrow threading, you are not allowed to use the scissors to trim the eyebrows. In fact, the scissors will not completely remove the eyebrows. Moreover, it will make the remaining roots of the eyebrows thicker and tougher. Using the scissors may lead to the existence of the ingrown eyebrows, which may hinder the next eyebrow threading.

The effect of eyebrow threading

Shape eyebrows with high degree of accuracy

It is quite difficult to remove unwanted eyebrows around the eyes because this work requires the carefulness and skillfulness. Nevertheless, with eyebrow threading, technicians completely can trim your eyebrows with the high accuracy.
Eyebrow threading helps to remove the small, redundant and ugly eyebrows that lie in the position that cannot be reachable by hand.
Effectively remove redundant eyebrows
By twisting the thread crosswise, threading is able to eliminate the roots of eyebrows; as a result, the new brows will be thinner when they regrow. Meanwhile, if using tweezers or brow wax, it is probable that the roots of eyebrows will break and when growing back, they will be bigger. Different from other techniques, with threading technology, eyebrows slowly grow back; therefore, you do not have to spend a lot of time fixing your eyebrows.
Rarely cause the pain
Using only one thread, this method does not bring any toxic chemicals to your body and cause less pain as well. It is possible that for the first time, you will feel a little uncomfortable, but it is certain that the level of pain is not as severe as waxing. In addition, for the next time, the pain will relieve.
To have the perfect eyebrows that fit the shape of the face, threading technicians need to practice to improve their skills. On the other hand, hygiene is also one of the most important factors in threading techniques in beauty salons. For those who are having problems with waxing, it is suggested to experience the eyebrow threading that just takes you from five to seven minutes.

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